Make Sure Your Next Board is Made from Varial Foam




There’s a revolution afoot. Surfboard manufacturers are no longer accepting the status quo. Ancient templates and prehistoric materials are dying. Replacing them are a new breed of stronger, lighter, more sustainable materials that are allowing performance to reach new and unprecedented heights.


Among the several board manufacturers out there who are looking beyond convention exists a deuce of revolutionaries. Founders of Varial Surf Technology, Parker Borneman and Edison Conner, are changing the game as we know it.




Recently, Varial caught up Mikey Bruneau, Reef McIntosh, and Torrey Meister in Hawaii, where they test drove some deadly weapons and provided some feedback. The boys revealed the advantages to Varial boards, including better paddling, increased buoyancy, and exceptional pop.

Let’s face it, most of us could use all the help we can get. Don’t be caught bogging rail again. Make sure your next board is made from Varial materials.