Varial Surf Launches New Foam


(Newport Beach) – An industry which has only recently begun to experience technological innovation is on the brink of being changed forever. Varial Surf Technology (Varial) has introduced its latest product, a new foam called Varial Foam, made from an advanced aerospace formula and a new chemistry to surfboards all together. The foam is 25% lighter and 20% stronger as compared to a standard polyurethane blank with a stringer.


The strength of Varial Foam eliminates the need for a stringer or any other strengtheners that current surfboards require. The compressive strength of the foam makes the board highly responsive to riders by transferring energy directly through the core to the water’s surface; all without compromising flex. Varial Foam has a uniform density throughout the entire core enabling shapers to obtain high repeatability by reducing variables which often inhibit performance. The lighter, stronger and more responsive technology makes for a surfboard unparalleled to any other.


“I have been working with the Varial Foam guys in developing this new foam for almost a year now,” said Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch, owner and shaper of Surf Prescriptions, a worldwide surfboard manufacturer located in Huntington Beach. “We have dialed in the formula and it is one of the best surfboard foams ever. Not only is it easy to work with, but the consistency, the speed and performance are amazing. ”


Varial Surf Technology is driven to improve surfboard performance by focusing primarily on the science of the core. All of their materials and techniques are derived from the aerospace and motorsports industries and as a result, they exhibit more high performance characteristics compared to any board on the market. As such, they are highly responsive, fast and light weight. Additionally, Varial boards won’t yellow over time as all other boards do.


Varial recently showcased their boards at The Boardroom industry trade show in Costa Mesa. Varial Surf Technology was founded in Santa Barbara in 2005 by two lifelong friends, Parker Borneman and Edison Conner. For more information, please visit 


About Varial Surf Technology:
Varial Surf Technology is focused on developing high performance aerospace grade cores. The result is the world’s first precision-shaped surfboard using honeycomb core technology and Varial Foam – a new foam chemistry and level of performance all together.