Varial Surfboard from Space


Varial Surfboards


The modular foam that these Varial Surfboards are made of come straight out of space. Former aerospace engineer Edison Conner dedicated himself to use aerospace materials into surfboard design. Now working together with Parker Borneman they created Varial Foam. Their goal now is to revolutionize the surfboard market through new materials.




Modular Foam

The blanks made from Varial Foam are seven times more rigid, 30 percent stronger, and 25 percent lighter as a standard PU board. The foam is also 100% UV resistant and doesn’t need a stringer.

Varial Surfboards are now being shaped by some of the big boy like Rusty SurfboardsLost Surfboards and Patterson Surfboards. Pro surfer Italo Ferreira is also surfing this new technology and he says he likes it.

In the coming years Varial is also focusing on other materials for their blanks. One of them is one with an aluminum honeycomb structure. These should have performance and durability that far exceed PU and PE boards.